Wellness and Movement

Stuart Fern
15:00 to 16:00
Avenues: The World School


Wellness and Movement or WAM is a holistic curriculum born out of inspiration from Jeremy House and James Dowling. Building on a movement literacy philosophy, positive psychology and positive health we have created a program that provides the student with positive ways of navigating their personal wellness and movement journey.  This includes, relationships, mindful eating strategies, positive peer pressure, leadership, K-12 positive sexual health and positive consent, exercise science that empowers each student. We focus on how to build optimism, using character strengths to achieve goals, showing gratitude and its power in creating happiness. We also look at developing growth mindsets and using failure as a tool for growth, using mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and aid decision-making, along with the importance of connecting with nature and finding meaning and purpose.

Students’ movement literacy journey is guided by six pillars, which we have identified to build on to become confident and curious movers, no matter what sport or activity they choose.  By creating connections within the curriculum we provide the students with a holistic lens to reflect on long-term happiness and engagement in movement and wellness activities.  The session will include a short presentation of wellness topics and the driving philosophy. Then we will go through the movement part of the curriculum, which will include: warm up curriculum, HIT (High Intensity Training) curriculum, and the six pillars of our movement-based curriculum.  This will include how we use teams and squads to motivate student intensity during fitness parts of the class, and by looking at how elite sports academies train their youth athletes with the goal of raising expectations for students’ performance.