Warm Up, Heat up.....Games to get everyone moving

James Lowe and Jay Haken
13:30 to 14:30
Zurich International School



We will introduce a number of different games, some of which can be used as stand alone games, and others are suitable as fun warm up games, for multiple grade levels. enjoyment, fun, and healthy competition are guaranteed, preparing all the delegates for whatever they move onto next. Prepare to get engaged in Moose Hunt, Ogre Tag, Virus, Pacman, Get Out and many more. Definitely a practical based lesson, but delegates will certainly be encouraged to pitch in with their own ideas.

Students, that is children love to play games. Games can include as much or as little movement as required in the main body of the lesson, they can incorporate skills required by activities to be taught and so better facilitate neurological development, and they can engage and enthuse students and so improve concentration. Games, whether used in warm up or to develop teaching points are often what students remember most and what provides the most enjoyment. Through using games in class as part or regular lesson preparation I ensure that students are physically and mentally prepared to engage fully in lessons.