Teaching Dance for Understanding - a New Model for Dance in PE

Melanie Levenberg // PL3Y International Inc
08:30 to 17:15

Teaching Dance for Understanding is a new learner-centered pedagogical model for dance education that focuses on simplicity, student engagement and foundational movements that foster physical literacy. The model offers a “change of perspective” from traditional dance teaching methods the same way TGfU brought us a fresh approach to teaching games in PE! By beginning integrated dance and PE units with a focus on purposeful play (instead of choreography), the model allows students to experience success with various dance movements, rhythms, fundamental movements skills. Learners explore the Elements of Dance through various genres of music in order to gain confidence in expressing themselves using their bodies. As a co-operative learning model, TDfU focuses on developing interpersonal skills and group cohesion through interACTIVE group formations, inquiry-based learning and the application of the creative process in preparation for a final co-created dance performance.

In this full-day, pre-conference workshop, educators will

1)     Learn about Teaching Dance for Understanding as a new pedagogical approach for dance education, including the simple six (6) phase process to build dance units for their Physical Education program. The overview will discuss traditional methods of teaching dance and compare them to the new model, while making links to research that supports the importance of co-operative and inquiry-based learning in physical education.

2)     Experience lessons from each phase of the TDfU Model. Participants will reflect on the teaching methods used, topics presented and song choices using various assessment evaluation tools in order to track their learning experience, and compared it to what their students may go through when learning dance. All lesson plan material, choreography notes and rubrics will be shared with participants.

3)     Explore a variety of dance and music genres from around the world, including African, Bollywood/Banghra, Middle Eastern, First Nations and Latin. Educators and discuss how it relates to diversity, specifically how to acknowledge student culture, how it impacts dance unit planning, and how dance units in PE can be used as a powerful tool to validate student cultures in PE.

Website for more information: www.tdfu.net.  Twitter: @TDfU_ed


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