Street Racket: anyone, anytime, anywhere

Marcel Straub // Street Racket
13:30 to 14:30

Street Racket is a very versatile new movement game for active and healthy schools. This racket and ball game includes fantastic and fun motorskill training and can be played anywhere by all age groups and playing levels. Control and hand-eye coordination are the key so everyone is equal in the game, boys and girls, old and young alike. The courts can be set up within seconds by drawing some lines, indoors or outdoors, and require no infrastructure at all! We also include learning in movment in our game forms and bring meaningful activity into other subjects such as maths or language training. It's so much fun to learn this way and the effects are more sustainable. Street Racket can be used in PE and in the classroom, during breaks, at school events and before and after school and the transfer to the homes of the kids for extra daily social activity is very easy. Make your school an even more active, fun and healthy place by using Street Racket on an every day basis! With our new innovative concept that takes Switzerland by storm you can start tomorrow and you will never look back. Come and find out, let's play many of our exciting game forms in the workshop and rock the street! More information:

ES, MS, HS focus

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