Redefining Physical Education-Using Multi-Media to Showcase the 21st Century PE Classroom

Casey Mizzone
13:30 to 14:30
International School of Beijing


My workshop will be completely practical. The attendees will have plenty of time to walk away with a short iMovie that can be used to showcase classroom activities using multi-media. 

As a bonus and if time permits I will include a session on a unit currently taught in my classroom. The Student Exercise Video Project, which includes assessments. In my current class, student groups create a 15 minute workout video through the use of iMovie. These videos are inspired by Nikefit, Yoga and T-25. Samples of these student videos are intertwined in the Vimeo video.

MOVE: Student Videos can be used as an assessment to highlight movements that need to be corrected or celebrated. In my opinion, The Student Video Project captures student learning of movement exercises most accurately because it is on film.
LEARN: For teachers who are new to iMovie and student videos, this would be a great opportunity to get started.
LIVE: In order to "LIVE" a happy and healthy life, we need to be moving. This seminar will not only promote students exercising, but the teachers can use this as a tool to advocate for their program. The student led workout videos incorporate student choice and student interest which leads to a more dynamic classroom experience for all.

Teachers should install iMovie and bring some photos or short video clips.

A great tool to use for:

-Back to School night and parent teacher conferences
-Your personal teaching portfolio
-To advocate for your program
- Student Assessment and Feedback
- CV's and résumés
- Student led workout videos

Casey Mizzone 21st Century PhysEd Classroom at The International School of Beijing

My name is Casey Mizzone and this is a look into PE my classroom. Welcome to the 21st Century Physical Education Classroom. Enjoy the video. Music By Eric Prydz

Beijing Pole Dance Class Studio Mannequin Challenge

Poledance class does the Mannequin Challenge in China and they let me film it. #MannequinChallenge #MannequinChallengePole #PoleDance #Pole #Beijing

Mannequin Challenge Beijing, China ISB High School PE Class