Plenary Speaker: The Physical Educator as a Resource for the Classroom Teacher

Mike Kuczala // Kuczala Consulting
14:00 to 15:00

*Mike will call-in (Zoom/Hang-out/Facetime/WhatsApp) and will unfortunately not be able to be with us in person.

The Physical Educator is often seen a resource for the classroom teacher to help implement physical activity in a meaningful way. You can be better prepared to help teachers move from the traditional self-view of “teacher” to a new paradigm of “facilitator of learning” and “designer of the learning environment."

This session will provide immediately usable strategies for K-12 classrooms across all disciplines and help you gain a more focused understanding of how the brain learns and a working knowledge of a 6-part theoretical framework for thoughtfully and purposefully using movement and physical activity in order to raise student achievement. The 6-part framework includes (1) preparing the brain to learn, (2) using brain breaks, (3) supporting exercise and fitness, (4) creating class cohesion, (5) reviewing content using movement and (6) teaching content using movement.