Parkour for everyone

Howard Shore
13:30 to 14:30
School in The Netherlands


Looking at a progression of skills that can make a scheme of work or as an extension of your gymnastics unit

A practical workshop looking at the skills progression in Parkour and how it can be used to add something to a gymnastics unit or run independently as a unit on it's own. We will be going through basic to intermediate skills, looking at how you can easily use existing P.E. equipment to add more energy and interest to lessons. We will also look at the resources we use with our students and how this has come together as a planned unit of work.

Move is what Parkour is all about, Learn is the point of the presentation because all my kids wanted to do Parkour but didn't know where to learn about it, and Live is about how alive they feel when they successfully do a Parkour challenge that gets their adrenaline pumping through their system!

We use it as part of our dynamic movement unit that includes gymnastics, parkour and dance. We use it as it is extremely popular with our students, it has become our most popular lunchtime club ever and breathed life into our gymnastics unit. We aim to cover the same objectives in Parkour as we do in Gymnastics "To develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance."