Mindfulness Based Wellbeing for PE Teachers: Practical session to follow up keynote speech

Kevin Hawkins & Amy Burke
11:30 to 12:30
MindWell Education


Schools around the world are increasingly focusing on the wellbeing of their students and teachers. Against a background of rising depression and anxiety, and in particular amidst concerns around mental health issues facing young people, many educational organizations are exploring the benefits of mindfulness as a tool that can support positive mental health and social-emotional learning (SEL).

PE teachers are well situated to help students cultivate these capacities in their PE and Health classes and we will look at how some teachers and coaches are using mindfulness approaches with their students to help develop concentration, and teamwork capacities. Participants will experience for themselves examples of mindfulness approaches and programs that are being used effectively in schools and we will also take a look at how some sports psychologists are incorporating mindful awareness training in their work with professional athletes.  

In addition, we will consider applications of mindful awareness training for our own stress management that can support teacher self-care and enhance our sensitivities in the classroom - or on the field!