Introducing invasion / handball games where you need another team-member to score a point.

Roelf Haverkamp
13:30 to 14:30
The International School of Azerbaijan


I use these handball / invasion games to get all students actively involved in the game. My objectives are:

-Players are encouraged to share ball possession with all their team members.

-Students are supporting each other to move into open space when in ball possession or mark an opponent when their team is without ball possession.

-Rules can be modified to involve more players and make the game better for all.

-The set-up of the equipment does influence the way we play.

This session will be a practical workshop. When introducing invasion games, I often observe the more advanced players dominate the game, attack an opponent's territory and score a point. The skilful player finds it challenging to share ball possession with all their team-members, especially the ones who are learning the (basic) skills or need more game time. By introducing invasion games like wall-ball, mat-ball, tchouk-ball, and ringball students are encouraged to improve teamwork in keeping ball possession, trying to score a point and defending their goal(s). I ask students to come up with their own handball rules during the lessons. These handball rules can be modified over time.

Checkout the presentation with videos of all the games here: