Gymnastics: Getting more students upside down - development for the vestibular system

Gail McBride
15:00 to 16:00
International School Basel

PDF icon Gymnastics and the Vestibular System - Background information.pdf

PDF icon WarmUpGames for the Vestibular system and fitness.pdf

PDF icon Gymnastics Handstand and Cartwheel Progressions.pdf


Having students getting their head in another position develops the vestibular system.  Research shows that an immature vestibular system can negatively affect academic results.  Using my methods of teaching, I can get more students success in performing skills such as the Handstand and Cartwheel which develops this crucial system.

Practical.  I will take the group through appropriate warm up activities which can be used throughout the year to develop strength in shoulders even in other activities. I will then take the group through my progressions for handstand and cartwheel.