Fun Volley

Aga Debowska // Copenhagen International School
10:30 to 11:30

Kids Volley is all about developing manipulative skills and a great beginning of a school year. Kids Volley have 5 different levels, you can teach it to Grade 1 - Grade 5. Students who are usually afraid of the ball games they love it! Students who are struggling with winning and loosing situations learn how to be a part of the team and what the tournament is about. Students who don't like team sports love it and want to join after school activities. It is a lot of fun, and the skills learned during Kids Volley can be easily transferred to other ball games. Kids Volley is for everyone and everyone can teach it. I will introduce to you rules of all the levels and we will play a tournament of the level of your choice. Fun games and activities are included, with examples of assessments for all grade levels. Fun Volley is not only for Primary School but you can easily teach different levels of the same lesson for MS and HS.

ES (and applicable to MS/HS)

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