First Aid self running program for the whole school

Berndt von Amelunxen
10:00 to 11:00
Medical University of Vienna


In this session you will develop your first aid skills in a real life scenario and have these CPR skills and efficiency tested! Come and hear more about my program and improve your own confidence about life supporting first aid.

Hear about a worldwide unique program of life supporting first aid courses that takes place at the VIS. In this program medical students regularly teach life supporting first aid skills to students with the aim of education pupils to a level where they can teach each other. Hereby we are creating a self-running system with no running costs! This is a mixed program between the VIS and the Medical University of Vienna, organised and lead by me, Berndt von Amelunxen. I am a medical student and I'm working hard to increase the chances of survival from heart attacks. At the moment the chances of survival in Austria are below 10%.