Encouragement makes good things happen

Julia Fabich
11:30 to 12:30
Mut Tut Gut E.U.




The workshop will focus on personal development, cooperation, classroom management.

A mixture - mainly discussion based Encouragement increases your feeling of self-worth and strengthens your faith in your abilities and leads you to the conclusion, „I am who I am and that ́s good enough“ and to the conviction, „I can.“ From time to time we lack encouragement. The good news, however, is that encouragement can be learnt and trained. We will make most out of our time together working on how to encourage yourself and others joyfully. We will also have a short look at who has difficulties accepting encouragement, even though you give your best. I am happy to introduce you to... • the goals of Encouragement. • the difference between praise and encouragement. • the 10 most desirable qualities for an encouraging and encouraged teacher. Looking forward to making good things happen together in our workshop.


Encouragement Makes Good Things Happen Book:

By Theo Schoenaker

Translated by R.John Huber with Jutta Street and Sandra Losa

Routledge ISBN: 978-0-415-88316-0