To enable young children to achieve their potential in physical competence and physical literacy.

Patricia Maude, MBE
10:00 to 11:00
Homerton College, University of Cambridge

JS & coaching young children.

Move, learn and live are at the heart of physical literacy. The workshop focuses on young children's movement development in the context of their increasing knowledge, understanding, motivation and confidence. This workshop will include presentation and will engage delegates in interactive and practical activities.

Patricia Maude Biography:

Patricia Maude MBE is an Emeritus Fellow at Homerton College in the University of Cambridge. She has enjoyed a long career promoting early years movement development and has worked as a physical education teacher, advisory teacher and teacher trainer, as a sports coach and through research, publications and consultancy in the UK and abroad.  Her publications include ‘Physical Children, Active Teaching - Exploring Physical Literacy’ (2001) and an interactive resource entitled ‘Observing Children Moving’(2003). Her co–authored publications including ‘A Practical Guide to Teaching Gymnastics’ (2007), ‘Teaching Physical Education Creatively (2014)’ and chapters in in ‘Physical Literacy throughout the Lifespan’ (2010) and ‘Sport, Education and Social Policy’ (2017).