Dance like nobody watches

Jamie Lowe
11:30 to 12:30
Zurich International School


We will work with several different forms of dance, and work in pairs and groups to develop to short routines to different types of music. Time allowing we will consider rock n roll, square dance, classical storytelling and hip-hop/pop, with take away examples that can could be used directly in classes.

Presenting different forms of dance at different ages helps with coordination, and movement development but I think its inclusion in a PE curriculum these days provides one of the best platforms from which to discuss confidence, teamwork and an open minded approach to physical activity. In addition it is great for breaking down gender stereotypes.

MOVE because that is what we do when dancing, we MOVE to music; LEARN because they learn about themselves and others whenever working together in close groups; LIVE because the confidence and (sometimes) the moves can be life lessons!