Vienna 2017

move. learn. live.

April 20th-22nd, 2017

The Vienna team has decided to make the "basics" their topic for the annual conference. Do we learn by moving, do we live to learn, why do we learn better when we move, do we live the way we do because of the movement experience we had? In good old ECIS tradition, we hope to create a stimulating learning opportunity for physical educators from all over the world. We will move, we will learn (from each other) and we certainly will live (it up) at the conference this year! We look forward to welcoming you in beautiful Vienna...

Keynote Speakers

Margaret Whitehead

The Physical Literacy Journey #MoveLearnLive

Beginner's mindset                #MoveLearnLive

Kevin Hawkins

Mindfulness for Teachers              #MoveLearnLive


Infos about the conference city

Check the video below to find out more about our selected charity and get ready for the big raffle on the Saturday Gala Dinner!

IKS_promotion from Verein IKS on Vimeo.